Build Solid Surfaces That Stand Up to Heavy Foot Traffic

Enlist the help of a concrete sidewalk contractor in Burke, Springfield & Annandale, VA

Pedestrians tend to create their own paths in areas where sidewalks don't exist. To keep pedestrians off your lawn, consider replacing footpaths with sidewalks. Sergio's Concrete Inc. employs experienced concrete sidewalk contractors to assist with projects in Burke, Springfield & Annandale, VA and surrounding areas.

We'll be glad to give you a free estimate for your job. Call 703-477-0529 now to speak with a concrete sidewalk contractor.

Our services aren't limited to sidewalks

From concrete floors to walls, we can create practically anything out of concrete. We specialize in installing...

  • Hardscaping features, such as retaining walls, garden paths and outdoor steps
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces, like patios, porches and decks
  • Flatwork for vehicles, such as driveways and garage floors

We can do whatever grading work is needed to prepare the site for construction. Reach out today to find out what kind of prep work is required to install your concrete floors, flatwork, steps or walls in the Burke, Springfield & Annandale, VA area.

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